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20% off for IT Support

Pay 20% less for IT support

Are you overpaying for IT support?
Do you want to save money while your business recovers from the pandemic?
Would you like affordable tailor-made IT solutions that will help your business thrive?

We are excited to announce our new offer – pay 20% less for IT support than you do with your current IT provider!*

We understand that the last year has been incredibly difficult for businesses, and we want to help.

Do you think you might be paying too much for your IT services? Many companies will overcharge you, especially for services you do not need. There is no reason you should be overpaying for crucial services such as IT support. Every business needs reliable and comprehensive IT support to flourish. Our offer will ensure you save money during this difficult time, while benefitting from tailor-made IT solutions that will keep your business moving forward!

Show us how much you currently pay for IT support and we will offer our IT services for 20% less than that.*

All you need to do is get in touch via email or phone – 01223 240088 / [email protected] – and mention this offer. Then, we will establish a few things such as your IT requirements, how many devices your business uses, and how much you’re currently paying. Then you start saving money!

If we find out that you are massively overpaying – we will offer more than 20% off. We want you to only pay for what you need, and to offer you a reasonable price for our services. So, some businesses may end up saving a lot more than 20%!

  1. GSDIT is the trading name of Backup Data Ltd.
  2. GSDIT reserves the right to suspend or terminate the offer at any time.
  3. The offer is valid until 2021 with the possibility of extension.
  4. Your IT support with GSDIT will be charged at the discounted rate until the end of 2021. After 2021, you will be charged GSDIT’s regular fees for IT support.
  5. In order to claim the offer, the company claiming it must have no less than 2 devices and no more than 20.
  6. The company applying for the discount must provide proof of what they currently pay for their IT support.
  7. GSDIT will try in good faith to save you 20% or more wherever possible, although it cannot be guaranteed that the discount will be exactly 20%. GSDIT cannot operate at a loss, therefore, if the discount is not feasible we reserve the right to withdraw the offer.
  8. The offer does not extend to our social media management service.
  9. This offer is only valid for new customers. Existing customers of GSDIT are excluded from this offer.