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Data backup & recovery across the UK


In-House Data Backup System hosted on your own premises and replicated to our servers.

No one likes to contemplate a catastrophic failure, but if you have one, we will get you back in business as soon as possible with our data backup and recovery services. We offer a comprehensive solution mix; virtualisation of your computer resources on central NAS / SAN storage with block replication to a secure data centre, where your virtual environment is rebuilt.

In other words, your data will be safely backed up and stored in a data centre, so if disaster strikes you don’t have to worry about losing any of your important files – we will quickly restore it for you.

Clients’ backup data scheme.

Off-site data backup to data centre in Cambridgeshire

Affordable and reliable

Local backup (especially to a local drive of the same server) can be very dangerous because as the saying goes, you don’t want to keep all of your eggs in one basket! We use very reliable software – which you can either purchase from us, or simply rent, to securely backup your data.

We offer online backup solutions for everyone in the UK, from personal backup to medium-sized corporations.

The way it works:  We will only invoice you for the space you use, which is cost-efficient unlike other online backup companies which sell space in pre-determined chunks of 5GB or 50GB. With us, you never have to worry about paying more than you need to.

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Safe and secure

Depending on the location, you can use open source / free software of your choice, or you may simply synchronize on a daily basis.

All data is encrypted during transmission time and in storage to ensure it remains safe and secure.

Does this sound confusing? Don’t worry! We know IT terms can be heavy and complex. If you don’t have any experience with data backup, we will explain everything in a way you can understand. Why not give us a ring for an informal chat on 01223 240088?