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Retainer IT Support Packages

Our retainer IT support packages will give you IT support on stand-by, to help and fix any issues that may arise.


£18per month for first 1 PC
  • 30 min of remote help for first 1 PC
  • Includes antivirus and remote access software
  • £17 for second PC
  • 12 month contract only
  • £50 for account setup


£34.99per month for first 2 PCs
  • 60 min of remote help for first 2 PCs
  • Includes antivirus, remote access software, and OS updates
  • £15 for third PC
  • 6 month contract, then rolling
  • £15 for account setup
  • 5GB file backup per PC


£49.99per month for first 3 PCs
  • 2 hours of remote help for first 3 PCs
  • Includes antivirus, remote access software, and OS updates
  • £12 for each next PC
  • 3 month contract, then rolling
  • NO account setup fee
  • 10GB file backup per PC


What is the difference between your retainer IT support and your regular IT support?

Our retainer IT support packages are a cost-efficient way to give you peace of mind in case a disaster strikes, or if you have a small issue or an IT question.

Our regular IT support contracts start at £75 plus VAT per month, with an additional £100 if you need a server (and they include a lot more benefits such as 50GB of data backup per PC, and 500GB for a server). In our regular contracts, you get unlimited time from us to deal with whatever issues you may have – and we get to know your business and IT infrastructure well so we can identify what issues may arise earlier and better. Whereas, in the retainer packages, you get a specified amount of support time free, and anything beyond will cost £50 per hour of support.

This means, the retainer packages offer an affordable solution if you are looking for IT support on stand-by, so you can rest assured there will be someone there to help you when you need it.

How do I sign up?

Simply contact us via email or telephone to let us know which package you would like to purchase, and we will sort the rest out for you.

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